A way to store documents conveniently and securely in the office

Efficient customer service depends in large part on the good organization of the employees’ work. However, how to reconcile the requirements of an office with the handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence and maintaining an efficient circulation of documents within the office? How to provide valuable documents with adequate protection against damage or loss?

How to protect confidential data according to GDPR provisions in stored applications and identity cards, passport documents, military books, marital status files, driving licenses, registration certificates, extracts and excerpts from land and building records? How do you find the right document on countless shelf lines? The Rotomat automatic carousel is the answer to these and other problems with storage and access to official documentation.

Area savings

Regardless of the size of the room, Rotomat always remains the most efficient and economical way to store documents. It is a system suitable for small and spacious rooms, high and low, which, using the entire height of the facilities and all places of difficult access, allow to recover up to 60% of the space previously occupied by traditional archives.

Data security

With Rotomat, all confidential data is completely secure! Our automatic carousel has a lockable door and access to its contents can be protected by means of an access code or password, which only authorized persons have an ID or RFID reader. In addition, its content can be divided into zones, allowing selected employees to participate in only part of their resources.