Optimization of production and logistics processes in the home appliance industry

Today, consumer requirements for home appliance manufacturers are very high. Customers expect high quality products in a rich, attractive and readily available offering. This puts appliance manufacturers and their suppliers facing the need to optimize the order fulfillment process and, therefore, the production and logistics processes.

In addition, the manufacturer’s obligation to facilitate customer access to maintenance services for large appliances and to ensure the constant availability of replacement parts for a minimum period of 10 years requires them to create a service base and a replacement warehouse.

All of this requires an efficient organization of the warehouse’s work, which will significantly support production processes, ensuring efficient and error-free sorting, allowing for fast delivery and cost reduction.

Is it possible to meet all expectations of home appliance manufacturers and suppliers of components and spare parts for this sector? With automatic storage systems like Rotomat, Lean-Lift and LogiTower, it’s simpler than it looks!

Larger storage area, space savings and cost savings

If the costs of renting space in the warehouse or expanding the hall stay overnight for manufacturers in the home appliance industry, the Rotomat automated warehouse, Lean-Lift and LogiTower’s heavy, long and unusual item storage system will allow you to sleep in peace. Our automated storage systems, which use the entire height of the warehouse and all hard-to-reach locations, save up to 60% of the area, while significantly increasing storage efficiency. As a result, it becomes possible to reduce the warehouse area while increasing its capacity.

Saving time

Our automated production warehouses will make all materials available in a single location, close to the production line or assembly “at your fingertips” for technical and production staff. To find the necessary components, parts, tools or patterns, all you have to do is enter the code into the system and, after a while, they will appear in the access window located at a convenient ergonomic height.

The automatic Pick-o-Light system for locating goods used in Lean-Lift warehouses and the Quick Pick-to-Light collection systems in Rotomat warehouses will ensure fast and error-free search and packaging of goods. This will significantly improve the order preparation process and speed up its implementation.

Number of employees

Meeting the growing expectations of consumers in the home appliance market and fulfilling orders on a large scale requires the involvement of a large number of employees. How to deal with the shortage of warehouse workers in this case? Rotomat, Lean-Lift and LogiTower warehouses will overcome the limitations of the labor market. An operator can operate multiple warehouses simultaneously, achieving performance equal to at least several employees and eliminating the need to create multiple additional workstations.

Rotomat, Lean-Lift and LogiTower storage systems allow the automation of warehouse processes, relieving employees from tedious and repetitive activities, as well as dangerous work, such as operations with heavy and bulky goods, such as plates, profiles, objects with sharp edges and significant weight. This contributes to the improvement of internal logistics processes, significantly increasing the pace and eliminating human errors.