Questions to consider when automating a warehouse

Delivering at the right time, in the right quantity and with the expected quality is the goal of any logistics operation, and for that, managing a warehouse sometimes becomes a very arduous task when carried out manually.

At some point, you may wonder about automating your warehouse and what the ideal solution will be for you. Whether you work in loose units, cardboard/plastic boxes, or pallets, it’s important to know how to answer some questions: 

  • What exact problem do you want to solve?
  • What is the height available in your warehouse?
  • What type of merchandise do you handle?
  • How many different references?
  • Do you work with or without lots?
  • How many orders do you prepare per day?
  • On average, how many lines does each order have?
  • On average, how many units does each line have?
  • If you work with full volumes, for example, closed cardboard boxes, how many enter the warehouse per hour? And how many are leaving?
  • How many m3 do you have stored in material that is not palletized?
  • How many people are assigned to your logistics operation?

There are many other factors to consider when choosing an automatic solution, which is why we make sure we know your internal logistics operation, in order to define a project with technology appropriate to your reality.

A detailed study proposes that the level of automation is proportional to your need, always focusing on the most critical operations and with the greatest loss of productivity, you should also be prepared for future growth without the need for constant adaptation of the already installed solution.

A suitable project for your logistics operation will improve the advantages of using automatic systems:

  • Profitability of the space;
  • Time saving;
  • Risk reduction;
  • Decreased errors;
  • Greater control of stocks;
  • Greater safety.

There are different automated warehouses like mini-loads, also known as automatic box warehouses, vertical warehouses. Automation requires professionalism and experience, so it’s crucial to choose a partner that is exclusively dedicated to this technology to implement the best solution for your warehouse.