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Industrial Metrology Solutions

Advanced manufacturers select Adcole because of the company’s reputation for providing reliable accuracy. Adcole gauges quickly identify manufacturing problems so you can resolve them quickly – allowing you to increase throughput and save valuable production time. Manufacturers get a quick return on investment with Adcole, taking advantage of the best measurement performance in its class, designed for use in the production area.

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Hänel products – optimal systems for warehouse, office and administration

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High pressure washing and deburring technology

Sugino’s high pressure washing technology burrs the hardest metals in the world (Inconel, Titanium) with tolerances that no one else can match. Sugino has a deep history in the development of technologies that lead to today’s washing and deburring machines. Sugino currently supplies high pressure washers to major car manufacturers in order to obtain a safer and more environmentally friendly way of making cars.

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