Carousel type warehouses for small parts or standard packaging, suitable for industry.

High speed picking


Warehouse for small and valuable goods – very fast collection of up to 1000 operations / hour.



Warehouse for goods of various sizes and weighing up to 1000 kg / shelf.

Office warehouses


Document store, especially for non-standard dimensions.



Multi-space warehouses with horizontal and vertical lifting movement.



Warehouse management software – integration with SAP, BaaN and etc…


External areas

Automatic Lean-Lift warehouses can be located outside the building.


Multiple floors

Warehouse that moves across multiple floors has access windows on each or selected floors.



Warehouse for sheet metal, tubes and long bars, profiles and panels, metal components.

TGW Mustang, Twister


Oscillation and mini-load systems for containers, boxes, pallets, sorting and picking.

Electronic systems


Pick-o-Light, Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-voice, RF, Augmented Reality, Smart Picking, Visual Operation.

But I don't have enough space, especially for a new warehouse...

  • Nothing could be more wrong! It is thanks to automated warehouses that you can recover and save up to 60% of storage space. Automatic warehouses allow you to use space that has not been developed before. They can reach the ceiling or be placed in hard to reach places. In addition, measuring the height of products allows you to automatically adjust the distance between warehouses and the size of what is in them. No more air storage!

Acceleration of logistics operations

  • The automation of logistical processes, in particular the picking process, allows to obtain much better results than in the case of relying only on human work. Faster means more efficient, more efficient means cheaper - more operations at the same time means greater profit for the company. Examples? The feeder supplies warehouses at a speed of 2.3 m / s, and the appropriate warehouse and IT integration system will allow up to 1000 orders / h.

Easy item search

  • Trying to find the right item in a large warehouse space is a time-consuming task. It could be simpler! The installation of an automatic warehouse, with a database, means that not only can we have all products in one place (an access window) stored in a small space, but also the warehouse that searches for products and highlights them.

Access control

  • The automated warehouses are closed, not only with a lock (an access window), but also their content can be divided into zones. Some warehouses with merchandise may be available to one group of employees and others to another. Access control is only for authorized employees, logging on to the shelf increases the security of storage processes, which is especially important for small and valuable items.

Product Identification

  • The automation of logistics processes eliminates errors in the location and removal of goods, which allows to reduce the delivery time of the right items for the user. Barcodes, RFID, pick-to-light - find out how we use these technologies in our warehouses.

Warehouse integration with the IT system

  • One of the significant benefits of installing automated warehouses is the ability to integrate our warehouse into the company's IT system, for example, WMS.

Protection of goods against damage

  • Very sensitive goods, such as electronics, documents or sheets, require special security. The automatic warehouses guarantee protection against deformations and mechanical damages, harmful effects of external factors, such as humidity, high or low temperature or light. Our warehouses allow you to store medicines at the right temperature, the labels provide the right level of air humidity, protection and etc...


  • It is much easier and safer to carry out all operations in the warehouse, when you can choose not to use stairs, barriers and mezzanines, and the goods reach the user's hands directly from the access window located at an ergonomic and comfortable height. The warehouse, thanks to its exclusive design, will also facilitate work for people with disabilities. Our automated storage systems can pass through many floors, allowing you to collect goods in just a few seconds on any floor of the building.

Special task warehouses, quick installation, easy operation

  • The Hänel and LogiTower warehouses are not only an exceptional storage density and savings in storage space and working time, but also special functions such as ESD (anti-electrostatic) protection, air conditioning system, storage time verification , checking inventory in real time. Our automated warehouses do not require a complicated installation process, which is why we call them ready to use. This is due to its modularity. In addition, it is easy to expand in the future - so we have a flexible automatic storage system to meet the changing needs of the customer.