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Refined error data for quantifiable real variance action


Dirt spikes can derail an organization’s efforts to ensure that high value parts meet quality standards.

Adcole’s Asperity Removal Software enables organizations to remove dirt from radial and linear data, based on the definitions set up by the operator. The Asperity Removal software solution enables users to specify the maximum number of dirt spikes, minimum amplitude of potential dirt and angular width of potential dirt.

Adcole’s Asperity Removal software enables organizations to remove dirt from radial and linear data

What is Asperity?

An asperity is an unintentionally included non-component feature such as dirt or debris. As many manufacturing environments suffer from airborne particles it is very easy for dirt, metallic chips, grinding swarf, fibers, or other contaminants to find their way onto a component surface. IF the component is measured, the asperities on the surface will have a significant impact on reported characteristic values.

How it Works

Asperity removal eliminates defined dirt spikes by averaging data points on either side of the dirt spike, and connecting the points. With the dirt removed, the refined error data can focus on the real variance from nominal values. In addition, the software can:

Asperity removal eliminates dirt spikes by averaging data points on either side of the dirt spike, and connecting the points

Parameters Measured

Asperity removal software enables operators to specify the following parameters:

Asperity removal software is supported by the full range of Adcole Gages

Features and Benefits

Some of the benefits of the Asperity Removal Software include the ability to obtain a rapid, simple means for getting accurate measurement values in challenging manufacturing environments. The software enables manufacturers to focus on real variances from the nominal value. The tool helps ensure that dirt removal (from the dirt check routine) is not masking a grinding issue. If dirt appears at a common angular location on all three radial traces within a specified tolerance the software will flag the occurrence as a manufacturing issue and will not remove the dirt from the last cut reduced. Lastly, the software allows for the accurate measurement of parts without the need for additional re-measurement steps, which provides increased throughput to manufactures.

Organizations using Asperity Removal software can leverage powerful features that improve their quality control process. These include a Gaussian filter that classifies dirt spikes found in the roughness data (Adcole 1000 gage only). The optional dirt removal feature allows users to remove suspected dirt particles from roughness data (Adcole 1000 gage only). In addition, the software offers fine tuning features that allows users to classify their dirt definitions, enabling users to filter dirt spikes and provides a good picture of the part.